Botanical Hydration is owned and operated by wife and husband duo, Ashley and Greg. In addition to running a business, they are also parents to two active and fun-loving children.

As a personal trainer, Greg knew that the Beauty and Wellness industry was booming, so when Ashley brought the idea of launching a new Haircare brand, Greg was 100% supportive of the idea.

As a Mompreneur, Ashley has always had a love for all things beauty.

There was a strong emphasis on learning how to properly tend to hair, skin and nails in her household growing up. At a young age, she learned proven techniques to effectively maintain these key areas of self-care from both her Mother, and her Nana. They instilled the value of healthy grooming and the importance of learning how to 'Do It Herself'. She was taught to be confident and embrace the natural elements of her appearance that she was born with. These principles have stayed with her and still apply to this day.

She can remember as a child how Sundays were held sacred for wash days. Her Nana and Mother would definitely take extra special time styling hair at home with all of the latest products designed for textured hair.

Her Nana set the example and would make sure that all of the ladies’ had fresh hairstyles.

Her Pop Pop would also ensure that all of the males had a proper cut at his barbershop.

These values have been passed down into her household today. Ashley makes time for wash day and Greg keeps the men (and boys) of the household looking sharp with his barber skills.

That passion and influence have all been channeled into their now beauty brand, Botanical Hydration. Verified Reviews Badge
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