The Botanical Hydration brand was established in 2020, during the uncertain time of a pandemic, where the small business market share increased and new streams of income became a must for survival.

However, in Ashley’s case, this brand was not created overnight. This journey started many years ago.

The first beauty category that Botanical Hydration decided to launch in was hair care.

For Ashley, wearing her hair naturally curly, and also silk pressed straight, have been the two signature ways that she likes to style her hair.

Over the years, after testing a lot of products and techniques, Ashley became the go-to person for advice amongst friends and family when it came to hair care.

After constant trial and error, Ashley realized that there weren’t many products on the market that provided the flexibility to wear your hair in both natural and heat-styled options.

So Ashley decided to create her own brand. She set out to find product formulas that she could stand behind and help other women achieve the looks they desired without compromising the integrity of their hair.

Along her entrepreneurial journey, she credits a lot of the knowledge she gained to her time spent in New York City as a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger, which included everything from reviewing products at the International Beauty Show (IBS) in The Javits Center to covering backstage at NY Fashion Week.

In addition to her work in New York City, she credits her travels to Rome and Egypt for the additional knowledge that she gained on the history of beauty. Through her international study abroad curriculum, she was able to focus on the influence that the Egyptian beauty regimens had on the World. Learning about the variety of natural ingredients and essential oils used in ancient techniques was truly awe-inspiring. 

Ashley also received a wealth of knowledge via her Professional Certification in Beauty Industry Essentials from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) NY through the Yellowbrick Continuing Education Program. 

So after years of exploration and education, Botanical Hydration was born, and is indeed a family business. Her husband, Greg, wears many hats when it comes to the operations of the business. The goal is to not only create a legacy for their children, but for many generations to come. Verified Reviews Badge
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